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We are a family of educators who is passionate at sharing our crafts to those who thirst for knowledge in the beauty industry. We look to welcoming everyone here. 


Queen Beauty Academy was founded by 2 sisters that had a vision to provide quality education to students through their Beauty Supply business over the past 30 years. Laura and Sam have been in the beauty industry in which their family built, managed, and owned salons in PA, DE, NJ, and Puerto Rico since late 1980's. From there, they moved onto the Beauty Supply business where they collaborated with companies like OPI, Essie, Lechat, GiGi, Clean & Easy, Gelish, Satin Smooth to bring product knowledge and new innovative technique to their customers. It was through these classes that they realized there was a need in the industry for a school that would teach more than what is required to pass the state law exams.


In January 2014, along with Teka, Queen Beauty Academy was established. Queen Beauty Academy has given our ethnically diverse students an opportunity to get trained and test for the state exam license in other languages other than just English.  We have created a fun, unconventional environment that reflect the real world to helps students prepare and be ready to work right after graduation. Beyond the required skills in their trade, we also incorporated communications skills, real world salon training, and continue to help our postgraduates in continued education.  


Our passionate staffs has helped our students improve their study habits, comprehension, test-taking skills, and practical skills in all areas of Cosmetology, As a result, these students have gained more than fundamental knowledge, grown in self-esteem and have great confidence after graduation to start their career. 

 We are proud of our achievements collective as a school and are so happy to b

Cosmetology Program (1,250 hours)

Curriculum/ Topics:

Profession Practice 50hrs

  • Orientation 
  • Bacteriology, Disinfection, Sanitation 
  • Professional Attitude 
  • Business Practices 
  • PA Cosmetology Law         

Sciences 200 hrs

  • Histology 
  • Trichology 
  • Chemistry & Electricity 
  • Physiology 
  • Cosmetic Dermatology 

Cosmetology Skills & 

Cognitive and Manipulative 1,000 hrs

  • Shampooing and Conditioning 
  • Hair Shaping 
  • Hair Styling/Finger waving 
  • Chemical Texturizing 
  • Permanent Waving 
  • Hair Coloring 
  • Hair Straightening 
  • Skin Care 
  • Nail Technology 
  • Temporary Hair Removal 
  • Scalp Treatment
  • Care of all hair types and textures 
  • Makeup             

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This course provides theory and practical in all phases of basic cosmetology, including hair shaping, cutting, coloring, styling, basic chemical services, manicure, pedicure, gel polish facials, waxing and makeup. This course provides the training needed to pass the licensing examination at the State Board of Cosmetology.

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Nail Technology Program 200hrs

Curriculum / Topic

Professional Practices 25hrs

  • Orientation 
  • Your professional Image 
  • Bacteriology 
  • Sanitation & Disinfection 
  • Safety in the Salon 
  • Pennsylvania Sate Laws 

Sciences 50hrs

  • Anatomy & Physiology 
  • The Nail & Its Disorders 
  • Nail Product chemistry 

Nail Treatments & Pedicuring 125hrs

  • Client Consultation 
  • Manicuring 
  • Nail Tips 
  • Nail Wraps 
  • Acrylic Nails 
  • Salon Business 
  • Salon Selling 
  • Pedicuring 
  • Gels 

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This course provides all theory and real world practical  in basic Manicure and Pedicures, Gel polish, Nail Art  including Safety and Sanitation, and options for further knowledge on Artificial Nail Technique like Acyclic, Builder Gels, Dipping Powder, Nano Gel and Much more. This course provides the training needed to pass the licensing examination at the State Board of Cosmetology.

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Esthetician Program 300hrs

Curriculum / Topic

Professional Practices 40hrs

  • Orientation 
  • Professional Image 
  • Principle for Professional Success 
  • Sanitation & Disinfection 
  • Safety in the Salon 
  • Pennsylvania State Law

Sciences 90hrs 

  • Chemistry 
  • Histology of the Skin 
  • Disorders of the Skin 
  • Product Ingredients & Selection 

Facial Treatment 100hrs

  • Facial Treatment 
  • Facial Massage Manipulation
  • Facial Room 

Temporary Hair Removal 50hrs

  • Waxing & Tweezing 

Makeup 20hrs 

  • Makeup 

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This course will provide theoretical knowledge of fundamental esthetics and  practices  with hands-on learning techniques on facials, facial massage manipulations, waxing techniques, makeup application and skin care product knowledge.  The course provides the training needed to pass the licensing examination at the State Board of Cosmetology.

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Teacher or Limited Teacher License 500hrs

Curriculum / Topic

Professional Practices Skills for Teaching Career 25hrs

  • Orientation 
  • Professional Image 
  • Principle for Professional Success 
  • Pennsylvania State Law Teaching
  • Planning and Learning 

Teaching Techniques for Subjects related to Cosmetology Curriculum 

Student Teaching 475hrs 

  • Cosmetology/Manicure/Hair Braiding/Esthetics  
  • Clinic Floor / Student Teaching
  • Classroom / Student Teaching 
  • Salon Management Skills / Training 

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This course will  prepare out student teachers to work  in a hands-on learning environment and prepare them for a future careers as cosmetology pr limited teacher instructor. Students will learn how to develop teaching skills, prepare for coursework, deliver lessons, learn how to supervise students and give test and evaluations. The course provides the training needed to pass the licensing examination at the State Board of Cosmetology

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Natural Hair Braiding 300hrs

Curriculum / Topic

Professional Practices 30hrs

  • Orientation 
  • Professional Image 
  • Principle for Professional Success 
  • Sanitation & Disinfection 
  • Safety in the Salon 
  • Pennsylvania State Law

Science and Scalp Care and Anatomy  125hrs

  • Anatomy & Physiology 
  • Hair Types, Structure & Textures 
  • Hair, Scalp and its Disease 
  • Hair Products and Chemistry 

Cognitive & Manipulative Skills 125hrs 

  • Managing Textured Hair 
  • Single Box Braid
  • Afro-twist Extension 
  • Spiral Rod Set 
  • Weave Installment 
  • Sculpted Cornrows 
  • Coils & Twist Extensions 
  • Enhancing Natural Curls 
  • Loc and Groom 

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This Hair braiding course specialize in the art of natural hairstyling in ethnic hair as well all hair types.  Hair braiders create locks, twists and natural up-dos, along with cornrows and box braids. students practice on how to make consistent and neat braids, and to be able to advise clients about braid care and removal.

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About Us

Passionate Staffs

Our goal is simple: To educate our students on a professional level....

We believe in real world education

We have guest educators that comes in to give our students a chance to learn about what to expect after school 

We believe in helping students fulfill their potentials! We do this through:

-Working with each students to understand their individual needs

-Provide students with the necessary guidance to achieve their goals

-Learning material in different languages

-Part - time Cosmetology class held in Spanish

-Tutoring in Vietnamese 

-Small intimate class size of 10 max 

-Flexible part-time and full-time schedule

-Job Placement

-Continue Education

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Cancellations are made according to the attendance of our students for any services scheduled 

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