Job Postings

If you are looking to hire an esthetician, nail tech, cosmetologist, and/or hair braider, please click on our Facebook link to post your job postings there. Thank you! 

Here is a template you may use for the job postings:

[Position Name]: We offer [1-2 things the company will offer the candidates]


The Company: 

  • Company name
  • Few details of the company the candidate may like 
  • Company’s belief or mission 
  • The lifestyle within the company

The Position: 

  • Traits and skills desirable from the candidate 
  • List any requirements the position may need 
  • Benefits the company offers for employees 
  • Pay range 

The Location:

  • [Company name] is based in [city, state, zip code] 
  • Reasons why this location may seem ideal 
  • What surrounds the area