Passionate Staff

Our goal is simple: To educate our students on a professional level.

We help students fulfill their potential through:

-Working with each student to understand their individual needs

-Providing students with the necessary guidance to achieve their goals

-Distributing materials in different languages

-Holding a part - time Cosmetology class held in Spanish

-Tutoring students in Vietnamese 

-Maintaining an intimate class size 

-Creating a flexible part-time and full-time schedule

-Aiding with job Placement

-Encouraging continued Education


Laura Le

 CFO / School Supervisor /  Teacher's program Instructor 

My perspective in life is all about the what if? What does it take to be able to succeed in the area that is important to each of us? From owning my own business and my business degree background, I realized that the traditional ways of learning does not work for everyone. That's why I believe to help students succeed, we will need to teach hands on at a professional level. Our theory and practical, combine with the necessary life skill curriculum will help our students be well rounded and prepare them for their success. That is why, I want to provide an institution that will prepare our students with the knowledge and confidence they need to enter the work force.


Sam Thu Le

Creative Director / Nail Technology  Instructor / Bella Lash

People would say I am spontaneous, outspoken, adventurous, considerate, and loving but I would say I am fierce! I am fierce because I confident in who I am and in my artistry. My love for beauty has inspire me to get licensed and certifications to specialize in waxing, permanent makeup, nails and eyelash extension. My experience with growing up in the salon and working in the wholesale beauty industry has empowered my passion in becoming a Teacher. Through my role as the Manager for the beauty supply, I created and organized all of our sales strategies, unique classes and advertisements that contributed to the success of the beauty supply. I want to use my knowledge to empower others by adding personality, creativity and fun to my students, staff and this organization.


Teka Le

Administrator / Director of Education / Instructor   

I've been in the beauty industry over 20 years. After owning and managing salons, I traveled learning products, systems and salon businesses. Through these great work opportunities, I learned from many talented artists, salon owners and business entrepreneurs. I have a love for learning and I will always be seeking knowledge. I truly believe in order to be successful in anything, we have to be able to be open minded in our thought and be effective in our communications. My goal is to continue our vision to create a great learning facility that would help anyone with a desire to learn. 


Kim Lao

Cosmetology Instructor  / Esthetic / Nail Technology 

My passion in life is to share and help others. I've been blessed with many great people around me that supported me through my journey. I'm looking forward to sharing all knowledge with everyone here. I enjoy taking continue education and testing all new innovative products every chance I get to broaden my growth. I work well in a team setting that's why being at Queen Beauty Academy has been a great place for me to build great relationships. 


Tania Solis

Spanish Cosmetology Instructor / Test Prep 

I love everything about the beauty industry because I love helping others to look and feel beautiful. I began my career in my home country of Ecuador, when I was 15, doing nails and selling beauty products. I grew up in a very strict home, so getting good grades was expected. That's part of why I became a high achiever in all that I do. When I moved to the states, I worked in Dominican salons in NY without any license. After I relocated to Philadelphia, I was in sales for 8 years before I went for my licenses. I went to Belle Institute for both my Cosmetology and Teacher license. I went on board to teach there, where I created the Spanish Cosmetology program. I felt a strong passion to help others like myself, that needed the practical and theory in order to pass the Spanish state board exams. Teaching for me came very natural because I did a lot of tutoring through out my years in high school. I love what I do because I know there are so many people like myself, that just need some help.  


Crystal Scott

Cosmetology / Hair Braid Instructor / Test Prep 

When I was 11yrs old I needed lunch money,  so I found a way to make my own money as a shampoo girl.  I learned then, that the beauty industry can be very lucrative in terms of flexibility, growth and financially. Because I started out in the salon only learning things hands on, when I was in school for Cosmetology, I realized the importance of having that fundamental theory behind it. After I got my Cosmetology license, I opened my own salon in 2010. Owning my own salon I quickly learned that I needed business management and leadership skills to be able to run a profitable business. I went for my teacher’s program at Paul Mitchell where I gained valuable insights on how to “fake that confidence until I make it”. Working at QBA taught me the value of teamwork, and my role in impacting people in my everyday life. I hope to contribute my experiences and knowledge, to help other to persevere through any temporary hardships, so they can finish school and be successful.